CoD1 Weapon Enfield



First Produced


Country Of Origin

United Kingdom


Bolt-action rifle


.303 Mk VII SAA Ball

Max. Effective Range

550 yd (503 m)


4 kg (8.8 lb)


1,130 mm (44.5 in)

Date of Production

1895–1907 (MLE),1907– (SMLE)




The Lee-Enfield takes its name from the designer of the rifle's bolt system – James Paris Lee, and the factory in which it was designed – the Royal Small Arms Factory in Enfield. In Australia, New Zealand, and Canada the rifle became known simply as the "303". So closely was the weapon associated with the British Empire that in the film Breaker Morant, a group of prisoners is said to have been shot "under rule three-oh-three"

Usage in the Call of Duty gamesEdit


The Lee-Enfield is a British bolt-action rifle. It can kill in one shot, just like all other bolt-action rifles, but is unique in that its magazine contains 10 rounds rather than five. This means less reloads and more kills, which makes this weapon good for medium-long range fighting, and even some limited close-medium ranged fighting. In general, it is superior to the Kar98k and other bolt-action rifles. It kills in one shot, just as with the German weapon, and carries a 10-round magazine, with only slightly longer reload. However, its ammunition can get to be scarce.


The Lee-Enfield in multiplayer is issued to the British team, and can outclass most weapons at long-range and medium-range, as it kills in one shot to the head or chest, but carries a larger magazine, helping to gain more kills or allowing a user, who in other circumstances using another bolt-action would have run out of ammo, to kill their opponent. In this sense, it is a more forgiving rifle. Its major flaw is that it cannot reload unless it has less than five rounds.

110px-Lee 2

A Lee-Enfield From CoD 2


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