300px-M21 m1a


Rock Island Arsenal, Springfield Armory

First Produced


Country Of Origin

United States




7.62x51mm NATO

Max. Effective Range

690 m (750 yd)


5.27 kg (11.6 lb)


44 inches

Date of Production




The M21 was the US Army's primary sniper rifle from 1969 to 1988. It fires the 7.62x51mm cartridge, this is so because the M21 is a modified M14. In Standard military use the M21 uses a 20 round magazine, though 5 and 10 round magazines are available. Without a scope the M21 weighs 11.6 pounds(5.27kg). The M21 was given its designation in 1975.

Usage in Call of DutyEdit

The M21 appears in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It appears with a silencer often during the campaign. In Campaign, it is seen without a silencer during the missions "Heat" and "One Shot, One Kill," and appears silenced in "Blackout" and "All Ghillied Up." In many respects, the M21 is an M14 rifle with a sniper scope attached to it. With an ACOG scope, the M21 can be used as an effective close range weapon, as it has nearly no recoil. The M21 is unlocked in Mulltiplayer at Level 7 and is the first semi-automatic sniper rifle the player can use on Multiplayer. It has a magazine capacity of 20 bullets. Like all sniper rifles on Multiplayer, the only multiplayer attachment is the ACOG scope, unlocked by getting 100 kills with the weapon that the scope is desired for. In Modern Warfare 2, a variant of the M21 exists. The M14 EBR, referred to as the M21 EBR (EBR means "Enhanced Battle Rifle") in multiplayer, appears as a sniper rifle much like the M21. Again, this rifle can be used as a close range rifle by attaching an ACOG scope to it; this time it could be comparable to the FAL semi-automatic rifle. The EBR has many more attachments available for it than the original M21. It can be equipped with the Silencer, the ACOG scope, a Heartbeat Sensor, F.M.J. (Full Metal Jacket), a Thermal Scope, or Extended Mags.

It is unlocked at level 56 in Multiplayer. It appears in the campaign during the missions "Wolverines!", "The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday," "The Gulag," "Contingency," "The Enemy of My Enemy," and "Museum" as a usable weapon, and Captain "Soap" MacTavish uses one with a Thermal Scope during "Cliffhanger." In Spec Ops, a version of the M21 EBR appears in "Breach & Clear." It features no scope; its iron sights have the same amount of zoom as the M21 EBR would with the ACOG scope attached. Due to its low recoil (for a sniper rifle) and large magazine (again, only when compared to other snipers), the M21 EBR is a very popular sniper rifle online. However, due to it being semi-automatic, a player may become a button-masher from using it, burning through precious ammunition; the same applies to its CoD4 predecessor.